The improvement began in the first session. His gaits and attitude improved. I noticed a balancing—the weaknesses he had were disappearing. She works inside the horse’s mouth. Four sessions later, I have a “new horse.” I think even he is surprised at the things he can do again. The jaw is a non-issue now. I am so impressed by Margret’s professionalism and rapport with horses. —Diane A.

This is all new to me, but I wanted my mare to bend better, so I gave this a try. My 14-year-old mare loved it. Her saddle fit better afterward, too. She’s smoother and does bend much better. It was a good session. —Bob B.

Magic is doing very well as we had polo last weekend and I played her both days. She finds her “home” much more readily than previous times. “Home” meaning how to relax on the field or any where. These situations of acceleration and the wait happen often in polo. She has had a hard time with unwinding and finding “home” in the past. This is the biggest change and it has helped immensely. —Carolyn S.

Why Conformation Balancing?

  • Your horse is fearful, nervous and inconsistent. 
  • The horse does not stand square, “in the box”; he rarely stands balanced.
  • Canter leads are difficult.
  • Collection creates tension; mainain suppleness. 
  • Your horse shows an uneven top line.
  • You compete; maintenance is vital.
  • Athletic abilities can be extended for a much longer time in a valued horse.
  • You just got a new horse; balancing sessions progress  the horse through old traumas promptly. Why struggle?
  • Participate in your horse’s wellness; conformation balancing lets you advance your horse at your own time and pace.
  • Resilience is prized in horses. Balanced horses are resilient, competent and have mental poise. Isn’t this the kind of horse you’d like to ride?
  • Resolve elusive fitness limits; horses compensate in a million ways from a small strain long fogotten. 
  • Regular balancing sessions quickly resolve limits.
  • A balanced horse doesn’t stumble.
  • His tail is clamped and tight. 
  • His features are uneven.
  • Saddle fitting is difficult. The horse is girthy. 
  • The horse lacks mental focus.
“I have been working with Dandi for nearly a year since I have started him, and I have never seen him offer to stretch and lower his head and neck voluntarily. He was also quite held through the poll and jaw. For the first time today, he offered all these things plus chewing! He released through his entire body in a way he has never done before and I believe it is specifically to do wth your session on Saturday. In addition, he seemed more balanced to both sides, whereas he was more comfortable to the right 99% of the time in the past. I am impressed with one session. Thank you! —Lynn C

Our mare Buttercup is very aloof, however she was very receptive to Margret. After the session and a few days rest, my daughter rode and she walked out without any stiffness and moved well all week. After the followup session, Buttercup was free moving in the shoulder and has stayed sound through the show season….it has been lasting and totally natural. —Sheila K.

Just a short update on the progress of my Lippizzaner gelding Albert. He is much softer in the bridle and more forward after his warm up. I can tell a big difference in his overall movement. We attended a small schooling show …the show was relaxing, fun and he listened to me for both first level classes. Thank you so much for the help! —Lovvis G

After her first session, I noticed a difference right away. She had more energy and was eager to canter for a long time. After the second session, I rode her and she was much more balanced and willing to shift her weight to her hind end. This resulted in  smoother and cleaner canter departs and our lateral work was much easier. After her third session, she has more energy again, like the horse I never knew I had. She is living up to her bloodlines and is starting to show great promise in the Dressage arena. Thank you for unlocking her potential for a bright future and giving us a chance to become better partners. Our horses deserve to feel their best, because they give us their best. Your bodywork is money well spent. —Marcia S