Conformation Balancing Results

  • Anxiety is relieved.
  • Crooked heads align; nostrils become even.
  • Offset jaws balance; horses eat better.
  • Horse stands square “in the box”
  • Canter leads improve.
  • Poll flexes easily; collection is comfortable for him.
  • Top line improves.
  • The horse balances equally on both sides.
  • The horse balances in both front and back.
  • Withers rise; neck “nicks” disappear.
  • Open elbows and shoulders lengthen strides
  • Horses with trauma history progress quickly.
  • Trust  grows for the horse that we can help him.
  • The horse gains mental poise and calm.
  • Hindquarter flexion improves.
  • Sacral freedom allows the back to round.
  • Saddles and tack fit better.
  • Stumbling ends.
  • Rider participates in process.
  • Tails become plumed and aid in hind collection.
  • Show careers are extended; older horses stay fit.
The changes in both my horses are significant. My 12-year-old Hanoverian is moving with the freedom and flexibility she had as a 5-year-old. Canter, to my Quarter horse, meant totally resist, or canter a few strides then break or try to get out of it by any means possible. Now, his canter is nice, soft and relaxed; he’ll canter wonderfully until asked to stop. —Rickie S.

Herbie, a Halflinger, found a good home through the Copper Horse Crusade, during the Equine Affaire in Columbus, OH, April 2017.

Margret loves working with rescues and shelter-adopted horses. She donated  session time to helping Herbie  balance and relax for the transition to his new home.

Have a new horse?

It’s a perfect time for Conformation Balancing to discover the horse’s true history and athletic ability. 

Equine Affaire November 2017

While conventional massage offers comfort to problems caused by body strain, Hellerwork is a long-term program that treats the cause.

Hellerwork technique gets to the root of the problem by working on the plastic-like wrappings around the muscles called fascia, which become rigid when they become glued in these unnatural positions.

Invented in America in 1978 by Joseph Heller, a Polish-born aerospace engineer, Hellerwork is a form of deep-tissue massage that realigns and rebalances the body.

Hellerwork is based on the relationship between man and gravity.

—Health Zone: To Heller and back; Trawlers in training Hellerwork Massage.

Joseph Heller spent 10 years as an aerospace engineer at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, CA, where he gained extensive eperience of structural stress. He later became director of Kairos, a Los Angeles center for human development. He then became a Rolfer in 1972 and studied with Ida Rolf further.  He became the first president of the Rolf Institute in 1978 and left that to found Hellerwork in 1978.  Heller’s book “Bodywise,” an introduction to Hellwerwork, written with Willian A. Henkin, is published by Wingbow Press. 

Trafalgar Square Books connects authors

Frederic Pignon, Margret and Magali Delgado connected at their wonderful “The Mind, Body and Spirit of Horsemanship” training at the Tamayo Horse Rehab near Albuquerque. This workshop’s special quality is it’s emphasis on not forcing the horse.

Other workshops on her schedule: Lisa Wilcox, Gerd Heushmann  (the Durango Summit), Beth Baumert at Hipico and Buck Brannaman at Trinity Ranch, NM.