Conformation Balancing Results

  • Anxiety is relieved.
  • Horse stands square “in the box”.
  • Canter leads improve.
  • Poll flexes easily.
  • Top line improves.
  • A new horse advances his abilities.
  • Trust in horse and human relationship grows.
  • Mental poise for horse.
  • Hindquarter flexion improves.
  • Sacral freedom.
  • Saddles and tack fit better.
  • Stumbling ends.
  • Rider participates in process.
  • Tails aid in hind collection.

Watch this horse change during a Confirmation Balancing session.

Herbie, a Halflinger, found a good home through the Copper Horse Crusade, during the Equine Affaire in Columbus, OH, April 2017.

Margret loves working with rescues and shelter-adopted horses.